Shadows of the Past by Milly Taiden (ePUB)

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Shadows of the Past (Alpha Ascension Chronicles #2) by Milly Taiden – Free eBooks Download


Iris, a lone wolf healer with a haunted past, has chosen to live on her own, away from packs. She doesn’t trust her kind and she wants to keep them at bay. Until she crosses paths with Derek … a handsome, nice and injured alpha who makes her animal say the words she never expected in her life…mine.
Derek is an Alpha from a pack filled with kindness and compassion. He knows Iris belongs with him and tries his best to encourage her to join his people without scaring her. But his beautiful, kind and distrusting mate is reluctant to take a chance after past betrayals.
Battling the scars of betrayal, Iris is thrust into a perilous dance of trust and love when Derek’s rival, Cyrus, seeks revenge, putting her newfound pack in jeopardy. As rogues attack and children are kidnapped, Iris transforms into a formidable protector alongside Derek. Can Iris give the pack a chance to be her family or will she leave Derek and her new home for the safety of being alone.

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