Shadows’ Nocturne by C.J. Twining (ePUB)

shadows' nocturne, cj twining

Shadows’ Nocturne (Shadow Song Saga #1) by C.J. Twining, Rien Nadie – Free eBooks Download


There are two domains which all daemons share: Shadow… and fire.

Relic Night, a summoned daemon burdened by his own destructive nature for over two millennia, finds himself at a crossroads between darkness and redemption. As the ashes of a toxic relationship smolder behind him, he takes it as an opportunity for a fresh start, a chance to make better choices. However, his ex-lover is an unforgiving fallen angel who sees Relic as nothing more than a possession to claim.
Noah, a dutiful son trapped in the shadow of his family’s duty, yearns for a taste of independence, a moment to discover his true identity. As an empath whose powers manifest through touch, he has grown accustomed to keeping people at arm’s length. Everything changes when he crosses paths with the enigmatic daemon, a figure he has only heard of in captivating tales.
The attraction between the pair ignites, deadly consequences and tangled obligations be damned. Noah might just be Relic’s best choice, even if Relic is Noah’s worst. Standing in their way is the specter of a vengeful fallen angel hell-bent on destroying Relic and all he holds dear. .

There are two things no angel can abide: demons… and defiance.

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