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Shadowplex (Group Therapy #2) by Lauren League – Free eBooks Download


I thought I could live happily ever after with my two boyfriends. I was wrong.
The handsome monster I brought to life: my anxiety personified, won’t leave me alone. Just like real anxiety, he lurks in the shadows and shows up whenever I start to relax into my perfect new life, ruining everything.
So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went against all warnings and used the magic pen to cross him out.
I didn’t think it would make another one.
The hottest and most dangerous of all:
A guy made from my depression.
Now, I have four beautiful, dangerous ink guys after me…
…and one real man, an arrogant, insensitive jerk. He’s covered in tattoos and built like a tank—totally not my type.
But he’s the only one who has been through this before.
Even though we can’t stand each other, I can’t deny the white-hot chemistry growing between us…

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