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shadowman, erin kellison

Shadowman (Shadow #3) by Erin Kellison – Free eBooks Download


Journalist Layla Mathews is determined to break the story about the Segue Institute—and what really goes on there—even if it kills her. Her desperate search for elusive answers takes her into haunting peril and into the arms of an enigmatic man.

Following a lead to a dockside warehouse, she ventures deep into diabolical darkness where she discovers a forge, a hammer, and an uncanny iron gate that whispers promises of everything she’s ever hoped for…if she will just open it.
Through the portal, an abomination slips into the world, leaving a trail of blood and violence as it hunts Layla. She has no choice but to turn to Segue for help, learning that the old, renovated hotel sits on the brink of the shadowlands, where ghosts, wraiths…and a mysterious, but strangely familiar, dark lord of the fae bide.

The secrets hushed in Segue’s ballrooms, corridors, and research lab prove more terrifying than anything she suspected. But she finds hope in a cry in the night…and seduction in the shadows that once frightened her. She discovers that love transcends all barriers, even time, and its power may be their salvation.

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