Shadow Unleashed by Avery Stone (ePUB)

shadow unleashed, avery stone

Shadow Unleashed (Tainted Demons of Shifter Syndicate #1) by Avery Stone – Free eBooks Download


When you’re fated to fall, rising up to howling glory is the last thing you’d ever expect.

My birth — like that of many Shadowborns — was a mistake. A demon hybrid of wolf and dusk, I started life as a dead shifter walking with little hope of survival. Every day death tries to claim me, but somehow I keep living, only to end up in the dangerous hidden depths of Shifter Syndicate. Just when I think that nothing can break me, Mother Moon gives me the ultimate test: a cynical mate who decides my hybrid blood is nothing but a disgrace to his very name.
Now I’m Rejected. Forbidden. Caged. I might as well throw in the towel.
Little do I know that an Alpha watches from the shadows. One who seeks revenge on the very man who discarded me like trash: Alpha Cain of Tainted Demons Pack.
He wants to add me to his collection, a pack of lethal, cynical bastards who see me as more of a toy than an ally, but before that happens, I have a few conditions of my own. My best friend is coming along, I’ll be trained and punished like the rest, and I get to keep my motorcycle.
Yeah. Priorities. Alliances are made and I’m embracing a new world of darkness, but there’s one tiny problem.
I’m falling hard for my Alpha, and our connection may unleash the very shadows he’s destined to rule.

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