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Shadow Mate (Mystic River Shifters #10) by Delta James – Free eBooks Download


The small town of Mystic River was known for its secrets and its shadows. But the most mysterious figure of all was Colby, a man with a reputation as a smuggler and a gangster. Yet, to the surprise of many, Colby proves to be a valuable ally to the town, with a deep understanding of the Shadow League that threatens them all. In exchange for information, Colby only asks that the town provide safe passage for the Shadow Sisters and the women they protect.
But when Brie, the leader of the Shadow Sisters and the last descendant of a powerful line of lynx-shifters, meets Colby, she is torn between her duty to protect her heart and the undeniable pull of desire. As their passion grows, they must also confront the Shadow League, battling ancient rivalries and malevolent forces that seek to tear them and the Resistance apart. It is an organization that seeks to subjugate all shifters and non-shifters alike. There is a prophecy that predicts the League cannot be defeated by arms alone; only the love of true fated mates can defeat the League, but with danger lurking around every corner and betrayal a constant threat, can Brie and Colby trust in their love to save them?

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