Shade of a Blood Moon by D.L. Blade (ePUB)

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Shade of a Blood Moon (The Hades Blood Moon #1) by D.L. Blade, C.M. Locke – Free eBooks Download


A dhampir in hiding. The assassin sent to kill her. A rogue vampire seeking to destroy them both.

Rachel Hardmann, a dhampir born with a disastrous lineage, has spent her entire life in hiding to avoid being hunted down and killed.
Putting behind two hundred years of solitude, she longs to make New Orleans, a city of ancient history and revelry, her forever home—but she knows she can’t stay.
One night, after leaving Hotel Lune de Blanche, under the dim streetlights, Rachel is attacked by Andrei Dimitriou—the head of the Black Blood Diamond vampire clan. After being tempted to drink her blood, Andrei realizes that she’s a different kind of creature, and he’s determined to find out what she is.
After being coerced to work for Andrei and his clan, a stalker emerges from the shadows—a man determined to trap and use her for his own gain. Rachel knows she must trust Andrei to protect her, but the tenuous line between lust and hate quickly becomes blurred. As desire pulls them together, it slowly tangles her into a trap she can’t escape.

As she dives into a treacherous path, Rachel must confront her secrets and the truth about her past while trying to survive in a world that has never truly accepted her.

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