Sexy Marksman’s Deceitful Little by Jess Winters (ePUB)

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Sexy Marksman’s Deceitful Little (SEAL Daddy’s Little #9) by Jess Winters – Free eBooks Download


She wanted the man of her dreams. What she found, though, was the man who could be far more than anything she could have dreamed possible.

Tony is so incredible!
He is the man I dream about.
He is the man I fantasize about.
He is responsible and knows the importance of family.
He is sexy and strong.
He’s the most powerful man I know.
He might be the most perfect man on Earth.
And there’s something else.
I think he’s a Daddy!
God, I want to be his little girl.
But what if he finds out the truth?

Clara isn’t only a conscientious and competent nurse.
She’s also much more.
She’s sexy and confident.
She’s very smart and very dedicated.
She’s facing challenges head-on, and that’s a rare quality.
She’s a hell of a girl.
And I want her.
If she’ll have me, I want her.
And if she’s mine, I’ll make sure nothing ever gets in her way.
And nobody will dare to hurt her.
She’s hiding something, though. I can tell.
How can I protect her from something she hides?

Clara has a terrible secret that threatens to make happily ever after just a fantasy. Can they find a happily ever after life? Find out in Sexy Marksman’s Deceitful Little Princess, the next sexy standalone book in the romantic and exciting SEAL Daddies Instalove Little Girls series!

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