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senseless, cystal ash

Senseless (Steel Demons MC #7) by Crystal Ash – Free eBooks Download


Our home is on the brink of war, and my marriage hangs by a thread.
While neighboring armies threaten to march on Four Corners, I’m dealing with a war zone at home. I can’t bring myself to look at Reaper or Gunner, let alone speak to them. I don’t know where my love life stands, or if I even have one anymore. Only Jandro is my rock, and only my work gives me purpose.
Eager for a distraction, I jump at the chance to become a battle medic again. Little did I know it would force me to end the weeks of silence between me and my men. And it’s made me realize I might not be ready to let them go after all.
Forgiveness is a long way off, however. Before I can even consider it, Horus tells me it’s time to leave.
I have to find Shadow with the sky god as my only guide. And somehow, I must find a way to end the senseless violence coming for everyone I love.
TW: Child abuse. Please see the full warning at the beginning of the book if you are sensitive to triggering content.

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