Seeking Redemption: Complete Duet by Eden Summers (ePUB)

seeking redemption, eden summers

Seeking Redemption: Complete Duet by Eden Summers – Free eBooks Download


Seeking Vengeance: “Less than an hour spent with you, Layla, and I was obsessed.”
He caught me spying on my enemies and could’ve had me killed.
Instead, he says he wants to help.
To give me a future, freedom, and most of all, revenge.
I want that, too. I want everything he has to give… even though I know he’s hiding something.
I grew up around men like Matthew Langston—rich, powerful, above the law.
He’s dangerous and a whole lot of trouble.
But when he treats me like a goddess, worshipping the ground I walk on, the fear for my future doesn’t exist.
Until I learn who he really is.

Ruthless Redemption: They say love hurts—but they never mentioned it could make you bleed.
His deceit was like wine. I drank it in. Let it intoxicate me.
But he’s not the man I fell for.
Matthew Langston is a lie.
I’d run from him if I could. I’d flee. If only he hadn’t turned my family against me.
Now, I have nothing. No money, phone, or external support.
Only him, and his determination to win me back.
So I’ll use it to my advantage. I’ll use him.
Because he made a promise to help me get revenge on those we despise.
And once that’s over, so are we.

The complete duet of Layla and Matthew’s seductively thrilling story. Includes Seeking Vengeance and Ruthless Redemption.

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