Seduction by Kit Tunstall, Kit Kyndall (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Seduction by Kit Tunstall, Kit Kyndall – Free eBooks Download


A game of seduction…

It’s obvious to Jason that his son’s girlfriend is only after the Masters’ money. He figures it will be an expensive lesson for the young man, but tries to ignore the situation despite the way Lanie makes him feel. It’s only when Josh announces their engagement that Jason decides to do something to get rid of the gold-digger. Something cold and calculating, like seduce her away from her younger mark before scorning her. It’s a straightforward plan, so why does she make him feel things he hasn’t since his wife died years ago? Could the infallible Masters have misjudged Lanie? Or is she simply playing him in return? Just who is seducing whom?

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