Seduction in the Highlands by Kenna Kendrick (ePUB)

seduction in highlands, kenna kendrick

Seduction in the Highlands (English Roses of Duart Castle #3) by Kenna Kendrick – Free eBooks Download


An English Rose, two moonstruck Highlanders, and a decision with dire consequences pending to be made…
Shy and sweet Elizabeth Darling never expected her life would take such a turn. Her now-imprisoned father declares that the only way to regain her inheritance is by marrying a reputable man. If not, she is doomed to live in poverty.
With the clock already ticking, time is Elizabeth’s worst enemy…
Liam MacLean has intrigued Elizabeth, and she starts falling for him. But the fall is steep and hard, for he cannot escape his roguish lifestyle. To be with him, Elizabeth would have to abandon her fortune.
Before she loses hope, another opportunity appears. Laird John Campbell, a proper and kind man, keen on the English Rose.
Yet no one can tame the female heart, and as much as she’d hate to, Elizabeth still aches for Liam.
Now she is called to make the ultimate choice. To leave everything behind and live indigent with the man she loves or maintain her lavish lifestyle with a well-meaning gentleman?
A final battle between heart and mind will take place, and only one can win…
By choosing him she loses her inheritance, by leaving him she brakes her heart…

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