Seducing the Brawler by Mazzy King (ePUB)

seducing brawler, mazzy king

Seducing the Brawler (I’m Yours #6) by Mazzy King – Free eBooks Download


Put your dukes up…
Cash O’Shaughnessy
I’m just a blue-collar man who’s had a hard life. I had to grow up fast and learn to take care of myself at a young age.
Ever since I joined the military, my relationship with the outside world has been strained.
You could say I’m a loner.
The only thing that keeps me sane is a pair of gloves and a punching bag.
I’ve got a rep for being a brawler with a bad attitude, but no one understands what I’ve been through.
It’s easier to keep everyone at a distance.
That is, until the night my quiet neighbor needs my help to get out of a tight situation.
And then . . . everything changes.

Take your guard down…
I’ve made mistakes. I’ve hurt people who cared about me. I’ve been broken, and I’m rebuilt.
Part of rebuilding means working an honest job and living a quiet life.
Change makes me anxious, but the silent, well-built older man down the hall provides a weird measure of comfort, even though we’ve never exchanged more than two words.
I came to this city to get away from my dark past, but trouble has a way of finding me just when I think I’m safe.
But when my neighbor comes to my rescue one night, I realize maybe I can be safe . . . in his arms.
If I could only break through his walls.

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