Seduced By the Mountain Man by Brynn Hale (ePUB)

seduced mountain man, brynn hale

Seduced by the Mountain Man (I’m Yours #2) by Brynn Hale – Free eBooks Download


The tabloids say I left my fiancé at the altar. That’s not the truth.
He left me.
But making me out to be the villain sells more magazines.
I need to get away from it all.
My assistant suggests a small lodge in the Adirondacks.
I register under Scarlett O’Hara and we arrive in the dead of night.
When I finally venture out of my room days later, I see him across the lodge, and a run-in with the gruff and grumbling bearded mountain man tells me everything I need to know.
But soon, he’s changing and I can’t stop my attraction to the burly and surly man.
Hollywood is calling me back and I can’t give up on my career–it’s my dream. But maybe he’s seducing me with a new dream.

Money is the root of not all evil, just most of it.
I should know, I was the heir to a fortune, but one night, the one I got this scar on my face, I saw what it could do to people and turned away from it all.
I’m minding my own business when Ms. Pretty Princess waltz’s in like she owns my idyllic hideaway lodge.
I’m going to teach her that nobody owns me or what I’ve earned by hard work.
But soon, I witness a different side of her.
She hides it well, but she’s not the diva she pretends to be—it’s just another act in her life.
I’ll be damned if I’m letting her walk away from me now that I know what we can be.
She’s mine and the seduction isn’t temporary. This is forever.

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