Sedona Sanctuary by Lisa Kessler (ePUB)

sedona sanctuary, lisa kessler

Sedona Sanctuary (Sedona Pack #8) by Lisa Kessler – Free eBooks Download


Southwestern Paranormal Romance with Shifters, Psychics, and Secrets

Miller Sloan may not be an active duty general anymore, but he still has one final mission to complete. If he succeeds, the top secret government research on shifters will remain classified. Failure is not an option. He’s lost too much along the way to give up now. But without a pack, or a mate, or family at his side, his iron will is starting to falter.

Rayne Lowry has always been a free spirit at heart, but never more free than today. After accepting her early retirement package from the FBI, she’s now on an extended vacation to plan the next chapter of her life, and what better place for self-reflection than Sedona, Arizona?

Her plans did not include a chance encounter with a silver fox who is hiding something. Her years as an FBI profiler make his secrets irresistible, but it’s the deep well of regret in his eyes that lures her in. When she’s called to consult on one last case, Miller is a potential suspect, and she’s left wondering if she’s falling in love with the enemy, or have they both finally found sanctuary…

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