Secret Revenge by Amanda Horton (ePUB)

secret revenge, amanda horton

Secret Revenge (Dark Money Desires) by Amanda Horton – Free eBooks Download


He’s the enemy I never wanted…and the weakness I never saw coming.

My mission? Simple.
Revenge Dad’s death. Destroy the Ross Empire. Disappear without a trace.
With Travis Ross as my Billionaire Boss, the evil Empire’s dark secrets are at my fingertips.
Except, Travis Ross’s hot, primal masculinity, awakens a voracious need within me.
My target, Travis, is now my temptation.
The line between revenge and desire blurs. Voiding everything I know about justice and love.

Engulfed, in salvaging my father’s tarnished legacy, love is off the radar.
Until Emily storms my world. I fall hard and fast.
But my world is dangerous, entangled with enemies and the mafia.
I swear to protect her, even at risk to myself.
The twist is, love blinds me to the brewing tempest. Emily is plotting my empire’s downfall.

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