Second Chance with my Firefighter Best Friend by Abby Greyson (ePUB)

second chance, abby greyson

Second Chance with my Firefighter Best Friend (Briar Glen Romantic Comedies #3) by Abby Greyson – Free eBooks Download


I’ve dreamed of what it would be like to have my best friend fall for me a million times. Not once did that story include a burst pipe and a flooded bathroom.

I refuse to fall in love with Zander Mercier again.
He abandoned me.
Ten years ago, I ran from my small town with my tail between my legs, completely humiliated and alone.
Now, I’m back in Briar Glen to claim my inheritance, my aunt’s bed and breakfast.
The B&B needs some renovation, which means I need a contractor. I asked my partner to do one thing: NOT hire Zander.
As we spend time together, the ice around my heart starts to melt. I find myself seeing the possibility of a future.
Luckily, my trusted canine companion, keeps me from doing anything foolish. But even he can’t stop us from falling for each other.
When Zander leaves me again, I question what I believed to be true.

How can I risk everything for a man I’m not sure I can trust?

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