Second Chance Cowboy by BA Tortuga (ePUB)

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Second Chance Cowboy (Cowboy Wanted #2) by BA Tortuga – Free eBooks Download


When Liam McMartin calls Cowboy Wanted, he just wants to hire a cowboy to take him to an event. Objective? To make his ex-husband Sawyer Canton insanely jealous. He and Sawyer just couldn’t make things work, but they see each other all the time to exchange their two daughters, and Liam wants Sawyer to believe he’s doing better with this whole divorce thing than he really is.
Sawyer knows he screwed up badly with Liam. Bad enough that his husband, who he still loves, filed for divorce and got a condo in town. He loses it when he thinks Liam is dating someone else, but maybe that’s the chance he needs to open up a line of communication with his ex and try to make up for what they lost. Their daughters would love to have both dads in the same place all the time as well. But work and life are always right there, trying to come between them. Can Sawyer convince Liam to give him a second chance?

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