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Sebastian (Rivals & Reunions #3) by Zoe Hart – Free eBooks Download


Five years ago, I was a science geek at Bessemer Bay High, and he was the richest of the rich kids at St. Thomas Academy. Sebastian never would’ve known I existed if his grades hadn’t slipped so low he needed me to tutor him through senior-year math.
Although I was the teacher, in tutoring Sebastian, I learned something as well. I learned he wasn’t like the other kids from St. Thomas, and it wasn’t only his dark good looks and his smooth, refined accent that set him apart.
It was him.
Sebastian Castellanos was nice. Like, really nice.
Good thing I was the smartest girl in my school, or else by the time we graduated, I might’ve been stupid enough to harbor a secret, all-consuming crush on the guy. Thankfully, I wasn’t that stupid.
So I shouldn’t have been filled with hope and want when, shortly after my eighteenth birthday, Sebastian proposed.
I shouldn’t have been thrilled, but I was.
Sebastian didn’t love me. We both knew it. Love had nothing to do with his proposal.
I married him anyway.

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