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sebastian, gigi meier

Sebastian (Cougars and Cubs #2) by GiGi Meier – Free eBooks Download


When Santa Claus IS the gift this holiday season.

In the glittering world of Houston’s elite, Chloe Miller, a driven financial analyst with an unbreakable spirit, stands out not for her wealth but for her impeccable fashion sense. Yet behind the façade of success lies a childhood shadowed by poverty, where Christmas was a harsh reminder of what she couldn’t afford. Her desire for glamour and a better life led her to build a fortress of designer clothes and accessories, guarding her against the judgment of a world that had once looked down on her. When an invitation to the high-society charity Christmas party hosted by the charismatic heir to immense wealth, Sebastian Agnelli, arrives, Chloe’s skepticism mingles with her fear of being judged for her humble beginnings.
Sebastian Agnelli, a playboy with a flamboyant lifestyle, longs for something more meaningful. Haunted by the painful loss of his parents in a plane crash during his college years, he is burdened by wealth he never wanted. Their fateful encounter at the charity event becomes the spark that sets their worlds on a collision course. As the holiday season unfolds, their connection deepens, and the walls they’ve built around their hearts start to crumble. Chloe’s fear of judgment and Sebastian’s need for authenticity form a potent mix, challenging them to confront their pasts and insecurities.

Sebastian is a heartwarming tale of romance, redemption, and the enchantment of the holiday spirit, where two individuals find that the most precious gifts can’t be bought with wealth but are discovered in the depths of the heart.

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