SEALing the Deal by Kellen Knox (ePUB)

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SEALing the Deal (Forget-Me-Not #3) by Kellen Knox – Free eBooks Download


They say life can change in the blink of an eye. I learned firsthand how true that is.
My epic proposal to Allejandra was one for the record books.
Straight up Top Gun shit.
But the day would end in tragedy when she became the victim of a targeted Cartel attack.
Which is more cruel… death or a purgatory between life and death?
As Allee lies broken and unresponsive in a hospital bed, my working K-9, Gunner becomes my lifeline and I’m driven by the need for revenge.
Allee and I were friends before we fell in love. We bonded through our dedication to the Special Forces and our loathing for the Cartels. They took loved ones from us, so it’s personal.
The Cartels traffic in EVIL – Drugs, organs, humans, sex, slavery – they know no bounds.
I focus on my SEAL mission, codename: Joint Task Force: Liberation – after my sister Libby who was kidnapped in Mexico nearly two decades ago.
When intel is recovered from a raid that suggests my sister is alive I’m given a beacon of hope.
I’m on a high, only to have the rug yanked out from under me again…
…Allee is gone.

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