Scorpio: Mr. Magnetic by Tiana Laveen (ePUB)

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Scorpio: Mr. Magnetic (The Zodiac Lovers #11) by Tiana Laveen – Free eBooks Download


Santino ‘Dom’ Mantovani is back in the big city!

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, he learned fast how to use his quicksilver tongue to get himself out of trouble. Rough around the edges, proudly Italian, and purposefully impolite, Santino does not sugarcoat things or tolerate disrespect of any kind. The product of a dysfunctional childhood, he has overcome adversity through his quick wit, intelligence, and persuasive skills to transform himself into the natural salesman he was born to be.

After a bad deal lands him in the penitentiary, he finds himself broke and stuck in New Jersey upon release, until his cousin Giovanni makes him an offer he can’t refuse. Money starts to flow and life gets even better when he meets the sexy, sassy, and oh so nasty Scarlet Westbrook at their mutual friend, Lazarist Zander’s, wedding…

Scarlet is a Brooklyn native with not one care to give. She is funny, self-assured, assertive, not easily ruffled, a great and loyal friend, and the product of a hard-knock-life. The owner of one of the most successful Black hair salons in Brooklyn, she is a force to be reckoned with. Scarlet has made it no secret that she wants a man, and that man better have money flowing out of every pore of his body. She has her own dinero, but she wants some of her future husband’s too. Period. Point blank.

When Santino steps to her with his sexy and charming ways, she is not moved by his gorgeous blue eyes and natural swag. She is there to celebrate her best friend’s marriage with a shot-caller, and the last thing she has time for is a loud man who has yet to prove himself worthy. Off she goes, dancing into the night, but Santino doesn’t just let things end there. Oh no… he’s only just begun.

What begins as a rough start smooths out like butter once the Italian slickster gets under her skin. He’s made no bones about it; he wants her, and what a Scorpio man wants, a Scorpio man gets. A fiery romance lights up their hearts, and both are able to give each other the love and hard truth they’ve always needed. But can love heal all emotional traumas and wounds? These two smile in the face of adversity, but a happy face is only skin deep…

What happens when two headstrong, broken individuals find love in the unlikeliest of places?

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