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Scorn (The Huntsmen #1) by P Mulholland – Free eBooks Download


Like a good daughter, I’ll wear my scar proudly on my mom’s wedding day.

Hell, it’s not like I can hide it. The red line runs from an inch under my left eye down my cheek to the corner of my mouth. It’s a reminder of where I’ve been, how far I’ve come, and who I killed to get here.
My mom is marrying Robert Huntsman—rich, elitist, and handsome, if you close one eye. And soon I’ll have two arrogant, attractive stepbrothers to avoid-Royce and Dalzell, and their sullen, mysterious cousin, Layne. Jock kings of Addington University. Perfect sons. Handsome devils who can do no wrong. That’s what my mom says anyway.
The plan was to come for the ceremony and fly back home the following day. But that’s before I stumbled across something sinister in the forest on the morning of the happiest day of my mom’s life.
I saw what those boys did.
And now that I’m a witness to their crime, they won’t let me leave.

The Huntsmen is a dark, gritty, enemies to lovers, reverse harem romance series, meaning the FMC will have more than one love interest. The Main Characters are in their early 20’s. Single POV. Three book series set at Addington University.
Author’s note: This series contains bullying, fighting, cussing, violence, murder, explicit sex scenes, and drug use. Ends on a cliffy.

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