Scars of a Passionate Revenge by Lucy Langton (ePUB)

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Scars of a Passionate Revenge by Lucy Langton – Free eBooks Download


In a world where love is a rare treasure, Alice will settle for nothing less than a passionate connection. While her heart bears the scars of her mother’s loss, her greatest fear is that her stepmother will try to force her to marry a man who could never ignite her soul. However, a chance encounter with a tempting stranger in the garden at a ball changes her life forever. Is he truly a stranger, though? As childhood memories resurface, his gaze reveals no recognition, shrouding their shared past in mystery.

Will Alice unveil her true self or let the mystery between them grow?

Benedict did not grow up a gentleman, but he has struggled and fought all his life for the position in society that he holds now. Scarred both physically and by the flames of a bygone tragedy, he is consumed by a singular purpose; vengeance upon those who ruined his family. His obsession with revenge takes up every waking moment, until he meets the alluring Alice and burning desire grows within him.

Will he allow her tantalizing beauty and her wit distract him from his mission?

As their memories of the past and hopes for the future collide, Benedict and Alice can no longer ignore their smoldering attraction for one another. Will they admit their feelings to one another and give into temptation? Or will the secrets of the past and the scheming of Alice’s stepmother keep them apart forever?

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