Say It’s Me by L.A. Ferro (ePUB)

say it's me, la ferro

Say It’s Me (Delicate Vows Duet #2) by L.A. Ferro – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes being young really does suck. I was stupid and naïve to think anything in my life of mayhem would be as easy as saying, ‘Yes.’ You see, I did that, and now I’m paying the price. I chose something for myself only to have it ripped away.
It’s funny that when you have nothing, you assume you have nothing to lose. That belief couldn’t be any further from the truth. Misery really does love company, and apparently, it’s determined to keep its claws dug firmly in my back.
The problem is that, this time, I’m fighting back. I’ve let myself believe I was broken, for far too long. Sometimes, we must endure more pain than we thought possible to grow into what we were always meant to be.
If it’s time to finally let myself break, I might have no choice but to give in. After all, it feels too good to stop now, and, in the end, it might mean I get to keep him a little bit longer. Maybe breaking is the only way I can piece back the parts of me I want to keep—the parts of me that include him.

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