Saving You, Saving Me by Billie Dale (ePUB)

saving you, billie dale

Saving You, Saving Me (Love in Seven Mile Forge #3) by Billie Dale – Free eBooks Download


I’ve been told I’m insufferable, hard to live with and I’m wasting my second chance.
I survived. My sister was saved. But my colors, my lights, my soul died the day I tried to play hero. Now, I’m stuck in a silent monochrome world. I’m content to wallow in my darkness.
Asia DeMarco was the bane of our existence all through our teen years. She took joy in others misery and bullied everyone in her path.
We grew up. We forgave. We never considered the reasons she was worse than Regina George on a bad hair, PMS day. Her sins are nothing compared to her secrets.
At my rock bottom, she arrives full of determination and fire. She might be the only one to save me from burning in my own dumpster-fire life. When her truth comes to light, she’s in a battle with something more sinister than her younger self.
Am I man enough to save her or will I fail again?

**Trigger Warning – contains acts of violence and abuse**

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