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saving you, rk thomas

Saving You (Falls Security #4) by R.K. Thomas – Free eBooks Download


Night after night he watches me. I should be scared, but fear is the last thing I feel when I think about him…

Most days I barely have enough time to take a breath, let alone consider dating. My life is already busy enough between work and raising my son on my own. But when I lie in my bed, I find myself wanting, fantasizing, longing for my stalker. For Gage.Each night he eats dinner in the restaurant where I work, both of us ignoring that when I get home, he’ll be waiting, he’ll be watching.
When we come together in ways I’d only dreamed about, I have to fight harder than ever to keep him. Because my son and I have an enemy, someone from our past, someone who threatens everything.

Mia Delgado is my everything, I’m possessive even though she’s not mine. She’s my obsession, I follow her, I watch her, I stalk her. I watch from outside as Mia and her son live their lives, occasionally allowing myself to think about what it would be like if I were a part of them. But it’s only a dream. Until it’s not.
Mia lets me in, kisses me, responds to my touches with moans of pleasure. Days are perfect and nights are better than any fantasy, then I ruin everything. I should know better, a man like me isn’t meant to have something innocent and beautiful in his life.
But I won’t leave her unprotected. I’ll always keep her safe. I’m her stalker, it’s what I do.

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