Saving Kassi by Kaci Rose (ePUB)

saving kassi, kaci rose

Saving Kassi (SEAL Team Alpha) by Kaci Rose – Free eBooks Download


Are these two wounded hearts destined to heal together?

My time in the military left me with scars inside and out that not even the best doctor can seem to heal.
The only highlights of my day are my service dog, Atticus, and my job at Oakside with other wounded Military members.
Then, one day, she walks in, and everything changes…

There aren’t many options for a girl like me after high school.
Everyone in my hometown joined the military, so I did, too.
I thought, great get school paid for, get out, and live my life.
I wasn’t told about deployments, being injured, having to learn to walk again, and the pain of reliving the worst moment of my life over and over again.
They also didn’t warn me about Jake and his annoying persistence of not letting me give up…

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