Saving his Highland Soul by Juliana Wight (ePUB)

saving his soul, juliana wight

Saving his Highland Soul by Juliana Wight – Free eBooks Download


His actions saved her life, his love broke her heart…

She lost everything— her parents and her legacy. Eithne was the proud daughter of the Kinnair Laird until her refusal to marry a despicable man unleashed death.
Yielding to him is unavoidable, but in her darkest hour, a savior comes. The strange Highlander not only liberates her but also makes her heart flutter.
Ivor was a lone wolf, caring only for his survival. However, when he learns about the slaughter of the Kinnairs, he cannot stay idle.
He owes a favor to a dead friend and taking Eithne to safety is the debt’s payment. What Ivor didn’t expect was the fiery desire the lass would cause.
He knows though, that he is not the right man for her. He can give her pleasure, but nothing more. He lost his ability to love years ago.
Their affair might be short-lived, but at least he will ensure that Eithne will be protected.
He has no idea that he is leading her to an even greater hell than the one he saved her from…
It started out as a mission, but it became his life’s purpose…

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