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Saving Barrette by Shey Stahl – Free eBooks Download


They say those who smile the brightest hide behind the darkest pasts.

From USA Today Bestselling Author Shey Stahl comes a story about finding yourself through an emotionally packed coming-of-age novel of lies and betrayal.

Barrette Blake has virtually no memory of the night her world changed forever. With the unwavering support of her best friend, she tries to piece together her life and her foggy memories of that night. She’s focused and resilient, but on the inside, she’s losing hope she’ll ever be whole again.

Asa Lawson has it all together—on the field that is. He dominates the college football scene, but his life is messy. He’s in love with the girl who can’t love herself after everything that’s happened to her. While everything around him is spiraling out of control and threatens to come crashing down completely, the truth about the night that destroyed his childhood friend is revealed.

She’s hiding from the night she doesn’t remember.
And he’s going to show her she’s worth the risk.
She’s consumed by despair.
He won’t let her give up.

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