Saved By Her Alpha Wolves by Ava Summers (ePUB)

saved alpha wolves, ava summers

Saved By Her Alpha Wolves by Ava Summers – Free eBooks Download


Evil lurks in the shadows. Can three protective wolf shifters keep me safe from the psychopath hunting me?

A stranger saves my life during a snowstorm. He carries me to the remote cabin he shares with his two brothers, tucked away, deep in the forest.
As the snow falls, thick and fast, Silas comforts me. Cole, the calm and level-headed brother, teaches me to bake and reassures me I’m safe. But it’s Tanner who truly understands. Damaged by his own tragic past, we forge a bond that could heal us both.
Being snowed in all winter with three insanely attractive men is every woman’s dream, but as much as I love it here, I can’t stay.
I want to trust them, but they’re strangers. Even if the soft touches, heated gazes, and late night dirty talk make me hot and desperate for something I’ve not experienced before.
It isn’t long before I discover they’re hiding a massive secret.
Not only are they wolf shifters, but they say I’m their fated mate. And now that they’ve found me, they refuse to let me go.
I want to believe them, but being here is dangerous. My tormentor will stop at nothing to find me again.
As my past collides with the present and the danger looming ever closer tightens its grip, I have an impossible choice to make.

Stay and fight for males I love, or run to protect all of us.

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