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Save Me (Townsend Legacy #3) by Tiffany Patterson – Free eBooks Download


She saved me on the worst day of my life. Now it’s time to make her mine.
I’ve spent ten years recreating myself into a man deserving of Kennedy Townsend. I’m no longer the poor, illegitimate son of a wealthy man who refused to even acknowledge my presence.
For years, I’ve watched her from afar, waited, and even manipulated businesses to grant her the career opportunities she deserved. All that remains is one last business venture that will earn me the revenge I seek against my past and catapult me into the upper echelon of society.
Then I’ll be free to make her mine.
But when Kennedy’s career brings her directly to my doorstep, I can’t let her walk away. Especially not when the answers she’s seeking put her in the direct path of my enemies.

My career as an investigative reporter is my priority. I don’t have time to get sidetracked by love. Especially not when the recent death of an employee of a Williamsport business tycoon leads me down a potential rabbit hole of abuse of power.
My search for the truth leads me to the owner of the popular Black Opal nightclub. Dae Kim is mysterious, with a devilish grin, coal black eyes, and an oddly familiar presence—as if we’ve met before
The pull between us is instantaneous. Soon, I find my resolve to steer clear of love drowning underneath the weight of his kisses.
But Dae knows more about me than a stranger should. The more I investigate this mystery, the more Dae seems inextricably linked to this case.
When he interferes with my investigation, I start to wonder if Dae Kim is the one I need saving from?

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