Savage Shifter Crazed by Olivia Dove (ePUB)

crazed, olivia dove

Savage Shifter Crazed (Ferocious Protective Beasts Love Curves #2) by Olivia Dove – Free eBooks Download


A secret brings them together, but will it be a secret that tears them apart?

Shifters destroyed my life.
Granted it wasn’t much of a life, but at least it was mine.
I witnessed a crime so of course I tell the police,
And what’s my reward for trying to put the evil shifter culprits behind bars?
Spending the rest of my life in witness protection, that’s what.
I’ve been given a new identity and a job working as a farmhand in Montana.
I don’t know a thing about animals or living in the country,
It’s going to be terrible.
Or at least that’s what I thought until I meet the guy who is basically my new boss…
Brandon lives on the ranch with his two brothers,
But he’s the only one I’ve got eyes for.
He’s got to be ten years older than me, about a foot taller, with the muscles of a God and the heart of a saint.
And maybe I’m just crazy but I think he kind of likes me.
I’m supposed to be in hiding, but somehow I finally feel found,
But how can anything happen between us when I’ve got such a big secret hanging over me?

My bear has been going crazy lately searching for our mate.
We roam every night searching for her and I’m exhausted,
I don’t know how much longer I can take of this…
Then out of the blue, the woman of my dreams shows up.
She’s beautiful, curvy, feisty, and more perfect than I ever imagined,
There’s just one problem…
She hates shifters.
I have to get her to change her mind before I let her know my little secret,
If you can call a six-hundred-pound grizzly bear who lives inside me a “little” secret.
When I find out who the shifters are that have got my mate so scared, it’s over for them.
Then I’m going to spend the rest of my life kissing her better.

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