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savage saint, jena doyle

Savage Saint (Steel Roses MC #2) by Jena Doyle – Free eBooks Download


It’s a forbidden age-gap romance for Ru and Saint in this twisted jaw-dropping addition to the Steel Roses Motorcycle Club. In a life of sins, secrets, and second chances, is there a line between savage and saint?

Loving Saint is the worst mistake I ever made. The secrets between us are explosive, and after a near-death experience, I won’t be anyone’s forbidden romance. He broke my heart like it was nothing and sent me packing to college.
Now that I’m home, my father needs my help at the MC’s strip club. I’m the only one who knows how to run it like him, so it should be an easy job. Except the one person I can never tell anyone about, the one person who still holds my heart, is the manager.
Two weeks into the job, I learn there is a thin line between lust and forgiveness, and my clumsy ass keeps tripping over it.

Touching Ru is the worst mistake I ever made. Her skin is like velvet under my fingertips, and when she moans, it sounds like angels heralding me home to heaven. I love her more than anyone else in this world, but I fucked that up months ago.
Now that she’s back, I need to keep my hands to myself. Her father is my best friend, and if he ever found out about all the depraved shit I’ve done to Ru, he’d kill me.
I don’t deserve her. Never have, never will. Even if the temptation of our sin is greater than it ever was. Even if living without her turns me into a savage.

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