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savage love, bailey hart

Savage Love (Heatstroke Hearts #3) by Bailey Hart – Free eBooks Download


I made a promise I’ll never break. “Don’t touch Hannah.”
But we’re trapped together. And there’s only one bed.
As an ex-Navy SEAL I’ve lost enough people.
I don’t let anyone close to my heart or my home.
But my best friend asks me to be his younger sister’s bodyguard.
And I can’t say no.
Hannah’s stalker ex is on her tail, and she needs protection.
I will do anything to keep her safe.
My infatuation with Hannah is my best kept secret.
And touching her is a line I can’t cross.
Until we’re caught in a storm.
And the only warmth we have is body heat.
She’s leaving town the minute the rain stops.
But being with her is the only time I feel alive any more.
F*ck it.
I’ll burn down the world to keep her safe.
I’ll build her a new one to keep her home.
And promises? They’re made to be broken.

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