Satyr’s Mate by Maggie Mayhem (ePUB)

satyr's mate, maggie mayhem

Satyr’s Mate (Mated to the Monster) by Maggie Mayhem – Free eBooks Download


The plan was simple: pretend to be my sister and attend the Monsters & Magic Charity Gala in her stead. I score a fancy meal, and she gets to dodge the fortune teller’s prediction that she’ll meet her future husband at the event and be tied down forever. Win-win. Easy, peasy.
Everything goes smoothly until a rogue spell goes off, and a smoking hot satyr comes to my rescue. When I wake up the next morning in my birthday suit beside my very well, um…equipped…hero, he immediately starts professing his undying love. I freak out and book it.
But now, Shane is all I can think about. I keep imagining him everywhere, even in between the bookshelves at work. Wait a minute…Shane really is in my library. And he claims I’m his mate! The sexy, possessive monster promises me forever, but will he still want me when the wayward love spell wears off

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