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Sasha’s Bounties (Earth’s Bounty Menage) by Deysi O’Donal – Free eBooks Download


As if being abducted and then auctioned off to aliens isn’t bad enough, I have the misfortune of having it happen twice.

According to the giant lavender alien with horns, I’ve been rescued, not abducted. Pffft. Potato tomato. Apparently the ship full of raiders who he’s rescuing me from are the real villians. I just hope I haven’t gone from one frying pan into another.
Still, Vruk makes me feel safe, but his mood swings are something else. Sweet and chatty one moment, silent and broody the next. He is patient as he helps me learn how to use the alien tech. But then the next time I see him, he’s staring me down and pinning me against the table until I think he might–
Then one night, I’m approached by two Vruks. Or rather, Vruk and Brettin. They are escaped pleasure clones turned bounty hunters and they are identical in every way. Including their growing feelings for me.
They both want me, and they are willing to share.
Heaven help me, I might just be willing to let them.

When the opportunity to return me to Earth arises, I’m thrilled. But what about my alien bounties? Can I really leave them behind or could we all be happy on Earth.
Sasha’s Bounties was originally included and published in the Alien’s On Earth Anthology.

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