Santa’s Mr. Claus by Lorelei M Hart (ePUB)

santa's mr claus, lorelei m hart

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Santa knew there were too many fish in the sea. He never expected to catch a wolf.
After working nonstop while adjusting to his new position, Santa needed a day off, and he needed one badly. If only it were that easy. With wish lists a mile long, toys getting more complicated by the minute, and the cookie machine being down, there is still so much to do. After a mishap with some cocoa, Santa reluctantly agrees to go fishing for the afternoon. It is perfect, that is until he’s called home and is left with a gut-wrenching feeling he’s left a piece of himself back at his fishing hole.
Alpha arctic wolf Channing moved back to join his pack after years being with the humans. He thought it would be a much easier transition than it is. Once again living with his pack, Channing finds himself more alone than he’s ever been. That is until one day while running he scents his mate. Except how could he? The only other people who lived in the North Pole live in Santa’s Village, a magical place his kind isn’t permitted and Channing isn’t too sure even exists.

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