Sanctifier by Meg Smitherman (ePUB)

sanctifier, meg smitherman

Sanctifier (Shattered City #2) by Meg Smitherman – Free eBooks Download


She was a goddess of light, and he was the god of death.

Ru Delara, archaeologist, has finally proven that magic exists. Fen Verrill has vanished in the wake of his dark revelation, leaving Ru with a shattered heart. The cruelly handsome Lord D’Luc now holds Ru and her volatile artifact captive.
Meanwhile, conspiracy brews in the city of Mirith, its court overtaken and infatuated with the worship of a vengeful god. Ru and Fen are drawn inevitably to the heart of it. But everything in the palace is not as it seems, and Ru soon finds herself at a terrible crossroads: the future of the entire kingdom is hers to decide.

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