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Sakar (Stranded With an Alien) by Ella Blake – Free eBooks Download


My two girls and I are going to be snowed in for Christmas and that’s fine with us, until an alien spacecraft crashes behind our wooded Maine home. I take the gorgeous Virilian, Prince Sakar, home with me. He’s injured and tracking an endangered alien dog with a taste for my neighbor’s goats. Spending Christmas with an alien prince is the last thing my daughters and I expected, next to my falling in love with him. My heart’s been beaten up plenty, but can I take a chance on this male who adores my young girls and awakens desires I thought long dead?
I usually avoid Earth at all costs, but tracking the daerli led me to crash-landing on Nessa’s property in the middle of a snowstorm. My kind are forbidden on Earth, but I can’t leave without the rare creature I’m tracking, and the female I’m stranded with has enthralled me. I want her with all of my being. When the human authorities arrive to take me away, the deepest hidden side of my Virilian nature comes out to protect her. I must find a way to prove to Nessa that I am her fated mate, or lose her forever.

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