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saints of sin, delilah mohan

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Help wanted: Housekeeper
The Saints of SU seek female with qualifying credentials to operate as a live-in housekeeper. Must have immediate opening with a clean background and health.
Chasing a dream to become a renowned journalist I had one goal. Get the job as the Saints housekeeper, learn all the intel about the secret club, and expose it to the whole campus. I thought I failed, until I woke up bound and confused, with three masked men demanding I be theirs.
Secrets and lies marry. Deception and chaos join. Everything I thought I knew about the world perished when I became the prized possession of the United State’s secret assassin team. Ten kills earned them me, and all they must do is keep me alive. Not as simple as it seems when the organization I pledge my life to, also wants me dead.
I could publish my paper and reveal the Saints. But exposing them means deceiving the family I’ve come to love and losing the men I’ve called mine. Betraying their trust comes with a hefty cost. Is losing them the price I’m willing to pay?
My world is full of confusion, but there is one thing I know for sure. They’d burn the world for me, and I would hand them the match.

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