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safe with you, jaye elliot

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Katie has spent the last decade doing everything in her power to avoid contact with her immediate family. However, attending her beloved grandma’s funeral leaves her no choice but to confront both the trauma of the past as well as a future she doesn’t know how she’ll face without her grandma’s love and support. What she doesn’t expect is to run into her childhood best friend, one of the few people who has ever made her feel truly safe.
Fifteen years ago, Ethan had to watch his best friend leave, taking a chunk of his heart with her. Now that Katie is back in town, he is determined to do everything he can to help her, especially when it comes to protecting her from her family. As they make up for lost time, Ethan finds his long-held feelings for Katie quick to resurface. The problem is, she already has a boyfriend, and the last thing he wants is to ruin the friendship that means so much to both of them.

As Katie’s family becomes more insistent that she sell the lake cottage her grandma left her and split the estate, feelings also grow more complicated between her and Ethan. With the uncertainty and threats mounting, can they learn to let go and trust God’s guidance and protection?

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