Sacrifice by Nina K. Westra (ePUB)

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Sacrifice (Night Elves of Ardani #2) by Nina K. Westra – Free eBooks Download


Novikke thought there was no such thing as a night elf with honor… until she met Aruna.
After Aruna helps Novikke escape her imprisonment at a night elf outpost, they retreat into the depths of the night elves’ forest.
Novikke is relieved beyond measure. Aruna finally came to her aid. She begins to think she might be able to trust him, that he might really care for her. But he still seems uncertain about whether he made the right decision in helping her.
Things only get more complicated when they’re ambushed by a group of Ardanian soldiers—a rescue for Novikke, and a death sentence for Aruna.
As Novikke learns of the Ardanians’ plans to invade the forest, she realizes how much her feelings about the army have changed since she met Aruna. As she searches for a way to free him, she’s forced to decide where her loyalties truly lie.
She can’t have it both ways. Either she makes herself an enemy of Ardani… or she lets Aruna die.

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