Sacking the Quarterback by SA Sway (ePUB)

sacking the quarterback, sa sway

Sacking the Quarterback (Austin Troopers) by SA Sway – Free eBooks Download


I didn’t work my whole life to get into the NFL to sit on a bench, but starting quarterback Addison Kelly is keeping me here.
I want to hate him for it, but Addison is as charming in real life as he is on TV, and the closer we get, the more I care for him.
With an obsessed ex, a bad injury and a secret, Addison has a lot to deal with this season and somehow, I’ve become his main confidant.
I may get to play after all, but handling hearts is a lot harder than catching footballs.

There’s something about our backup quarterback that makes me want to risk it all. My image, my past, and maybe even my safety.
I can’t help but get close to him and when Callum accepts me as I am, it makes me feel like love is worth taking chances on.
I’ve let a lot get in my head, my crazy ex, my fear of rejection, but now it looks like I can finally face all that. IfCallum is willing to hold my hand while I do.

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