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Saber Blade (The Hawkstone Realm #1) by Sky Gold – Free eBooks Download


‘You may have slain drákons. But never forget, we’re not drákons.
We’re more than drákons. We are the Sābər Hawks of Katánē.’

She is the much-feared Switchblade…
A ‘shikari’ – a SHärd-blader, a slayer of drákons, and a dagger woman …
With an oath to fulfil and a mind to kill a King.

To some, he is the usurper … to others, a hero …
A man imbued with great mystical power who arrives in the Hawkstone Realm.
To take the throne of a bloodthirsty, marauding race of cutthroat Kaɪˈmɪərəs …
A people he’s never met in an untamed land he’s never stepped foot in.

He has to battle to command the Sābər Hawks of Katánē.
The army he needs by his side to overthrow the ruling council …
And unite the noble houses, warring tribes and eyries.

While reforming a corrupt, flawed, and greedy ruling class.
Outplaying the dark, powerful forces seeking to use their u’chawi sorcery to destroy him.

He can only trust a few—not, at the very least, the Shikari.
When he’s forced to make her his fight master, their proximity descends …
Into a battle of sābər-edged wits and insults.

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