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ryan, susie mciver

Ryan (Army Rangers Special Ops #5) by Susie McIver – Free eBooks Download


Ryan is a hero. As a former Special Ops Army Ranger, it was not only his job to help. It was his calling. He and his team became experts at navigating treacherous territory and saving innocent lives.
While his service record is impeccable, his love life leaves a lot to be desired. Ladies love him, and he loves them… to a certain extent. True devotion has never really been his thing. His most recent relationship lasted six months before war and sheer ambivalence brought it to an end. Now, while on a mission to rescue Americans, he finds the only other real constant in his life—the only person he’s ever loved—his former high school girlfriend.
Ashley is a hero in her own right. Her brand of heroism takes her into dangerous parts of the world under the most difficult circumstances. She’s a doctor whose work focuses on helping women and children in war-torn countries. This mission is the most dangerous yet.
When she spots a familiar face, her heart momentarily stops. It’s Ryan, the only person she’s ever loved. Seeing him brings back heartbreaking memories. Now that they’re face-to-face, will their shared history complicate this rescue mission or reignite the flame that brought them together all those years ago?

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