Ruthless Love by Rachel Angel (ePUB)

ruthless love, rachel angel

Ruthless Love (Ruthless Reign #3) by Rachel Angel, Sunny Winters – Free eBooks Download


At 19, I thought I would be the attending college, living in a dorm, pledging to a sorority and making googily eyes over the hot professor of my criminal law class.Not becoming the heir to one of the biggest mob organizations in America. My name is Ruth. And I am now the Queen of the Alpha Omega Cartel. Dad didn’t exactly tell me that our successful family business was the front of the Alpha Omega Cartel. I thought we were a mom-and-pop family food business that did so well, we diversified into other areas… not the Cartel!

The Godfather had fallen, and now it was time to do some restructuring, but we have a problem. The reign had fallen into the hands of his daughter, Ruth, the host pretty blonde princess who never got her manicured fingernails dirty being a part of her daddy’s dirty business. When I first laid eyes on her at her 16th birthday party, and I was 18, she took my breath away. That was before I learned the truth, and now I want revenge. She may be the new heir to the Alpha Omega Cartel, but I am going to make sure it will be a Ruth-less Reign.

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