Running From Darkness by JP Sayle (ePUB)

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Running From Darkness (Dark River Stone Collective #3) by JP Sayle – Free eBooks Download


Conall is on the run. Kyle wants someone who will want him for who he is. Can they find what they need in each other, or will it all blow up in their faces?
An unthinkable situation leads Conall to violence. On the run with his injured sister, he makes a snap decision to seek the favor that the Dark Angels’ president, Killer, owes the Chosen Few. When Conall’s brothers turn their back on him, he has everything to lose if Killer refuses to help. When Kyle, a member of the Dark Angels, gives him a place to stay, Conall realizes the most valuable thing he could lose isn’t his freedom but his heart.
Kyle is in a dating funk. Then late one night, while caring for Killer’s daughter, River, a late-night visitor throws him a curveball. As everything unravels, Kyle offers Conall sanctuary in his home. But will Conall’s past make it impossible for there to be more between them? Kyle’s putting everything on the line, but is Conall?

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