Runaway Seeks Mountain Man by Marley Michaels (ePUB)

runaway seeks mountain man, marley michaels

Runaway Seeks Mountain Man (Bear Mountain Brothers #7) by Marley Michaels – Free eBooks Download


When Sky Lewis receives a flyer in her letterbox promoting a wellness program for people struggling to find fulfilment, she thinks she might’ve finally found the key to the minimalist lifestyle she’s always wanted. Except after signing up and moving into The Community with her sister, Rory, she realizes that some things are too-good-to-be-true. When the leader of the group announces Rory is to become his wife, Sky knows that if she is ever to get them out, she has to escape now.

Micah Johnson has worked hard his entire life to offer legal help to the people who need it. He also knows that the only thing left to complete his happy life is for the mountain spirit to call his soulmate to his side.
So when the terrified and desperate Sky turns up at the Homestead in her pajamas, begging for the founding brothers to help her save her sister, he’s shocked to find his heart beating for her and her alone.

Now Micah’s sole focus–along with the help of his brothers and some friendly ranchers–is to bring down the Community and it’s nefarious leader, and rescue Sky’s sister before it’s too late. While at the same time showing Sky that Bear Mountain Homestead might just be the place she’s been searching for all along.

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