Rule of Three by Misti Wilds (ePUB)

rule of three, misti wilds

Rule of Three (Baranova Bratva #1) by Misti Wilds – Free eBooks Download


Three Russian mafia men claim my heart one brutal kiss at a time.

My mother taught me the rules of being a mafia princess. Don’t ask stupid questions. Smile even when it hurts. Stay pretty and pure and perfect.
Following the rules got her killed.
So I do the one thing my mother couldn’t: I run, leaving my fiancé at the altar, my throne empty, and my life behind.
Five years later, I stumble back home looking for answers… and instead, they find me.
The ex, the bodyguard, and the billionaire. Kings of the city, sitting on a stolen throne.
They’ve changed all the rules.
They don’t want a pretty, polite princess. They demand a queen.
Ruthless. Powerful. Sensual. A queen takes what she needs and doesn’t apologize.
They’ll do whatever it takes to make me their queen, even if they have to break my body, steal my heart, and corrupt my soul.
But when their lust for power and bloodshed threatens the only family I’ve ever known, I’m forced to choose.
Can I love the men who destroy my past to carve out our future? Or will the pain consume any love I have left?

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